First trimester of pregnancy comes with many new symptoms. Growing uterus, increasing blood volume, and hormones, so many hormones! But the question we get asked the most is, “Can my early symptoms tell me the sex of my baby?” And the most popular of these questions is, “Can morning sickness mean I’m having a girl?”

Morning sickness gender prediction

The way to use this predictor method is simple – if you are pregnant and feel nauseated in the morning, you are experiencing morning sickness! Unfortunately, the name seems to be  deceiving,  as many women report having “morning sickness” all throughout the day, even at nighttime.  However, morning sickness, despite its name, can be an all-day symptom! If this is a pregnancy symptom you are experiencing, you might be having a girl! On the other hand, some women have a bigger appetite during their first trimester and don’t experience any nausea. If you are thoroughly enjoying all the food in your first trimester, you might be carrying a boy!

Nauseas para predicción del bebes

Can morning sickness predict the sex of my baby?

According to the American Pregnancy Association , half of pregnant mothers will experience morning sickness  – some mild, some extreme. While most will feel better by 12 weeks, some will have it right until giving birth. So can this common pregnancy symptom have a correlation with the gender of the baby? It seems so!

We tend to categorize this “old wives tale” as totally unscientific, however, a recent study might prove that it has some factual backing. In 2017, a study was conducted which found that out of 80 pregnant mothers, the moms carrying girls had more inflammation if their immune system was exposed to bacteria. This could mean that carrying a girl might also make them more susceptible to any other pregnancy related symptom.

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