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  • ramzi-theory-ultrasound-accurate
    You guessed it! It's  GIRL! Thank you so so much!
  • ramzi-theory-ultrasound-accuracy
    Thank you! It's Correct! I am SWOON!
  • Ramzi Prediction - Baby Gender Pro

    We just had our 20 week scan and you were right! Everyone else said Boy,  but I knew  it was a girl! Thank you!

    Lisa A.
  • Null & Skull Predictions Baby Gender Pro

    You were correct! Amazing!

    Melissa L.
  • 12-week-ultrasound-skull-theory-babygenderpro

    Your prediction was correct! It’s a girl after 3 boys!!! Your guess was the only accurate one I got. Chinese calendar, Ramzi on FB, baking soda test,gender sense urine test said Boy. Thanks!!!!

    Laura R.
  • 12-week-ultrasound-gender

    You were right! Thank you!

    Amanda D.
  • ramzi-theory-8-week-ultrasound

    I submitted both a transvaginal 7 weeks scan, and later, a 12 week, abdominal n/t scan. Ramzi Theory on the first said girl and skull theory on the 12 week scan said girl. We wait until birth, and on 3/6/17 we welcomed an 8lb baby girl!

    Marilyn Clark
  • Ramzi Theory Boy Example Image 5

    Submitted scan from skull theory, got Boy prediction hours later I got the call from the genetics blood test following… confirming the prediction of Boy was correct.

  • nub-&-skull-theories-predicts-girl-4-scan

    I submitted a 7 week ultrasound image for the Ramzi Theory to be done.They  got back to me the next day stating why they believe it’s a girl based on the theory. Well, I just got the call from a my doctor telling me that was a girl.

  • ramzi-theory-predicts-placenta-baby

     I purchased the nub and skull theories @  13 weeks pregnant just for fun really , the results came in a few hours and they predicted a Boy, I had a scan today and doctor confirmed it’s a Boy, I ‘m buzzing. I will recommend!!!!!

  • Ramzi Theory Girl Example Image 5

    I submitted scans for Ramzi, skull & nub theories. Each time you predicted it was a girl. I just received my blood results ant it is a girl!!! Thank you so much; my instincts said girl and you helped ease my mind while waiting.

  • Ramzi Theory Girl Example Image 6

    They were right for me I submitted a pic of my ultrasound at 7 weeks one day  and did the Ramzi Theory and yesss.I’m expecting a baby girl now my family is complete.Thanks gender experts.

    Angelica C.
  • Nub Theory by BabyGenderPro

    During my last pregnancy I submitted my scan picture and was predicted a little girl. This was correct and she is a delight! I am now expecting my second baby and have submitted a scan picture again. Can't  wait for your next prediction. Definitely recommended.

  • Null & Skull Predictions Baby Gender Pro
    Just to let you know we had our 16 week gender scan and you were correct, it is a boy!! Thank you so much. Thanks, both my boys you've correctly predicted now.
    Laura Gribben
  • nub-and-skull-theories-making-the-wait-fun
    In 2016 you guys predicted I'd have a boy based on where the placenta was, it was a boy!! This year I did the ramzi, nub and skull theories and you predicted girl! And it's a girl!!!!
  • ramzi-theory-9 week-ultrasound
    Fast and accurate- Thank you for your gender guess. Even though I was hoping to hear girl and you predicted boy, and sure enough it's another boy! Would recommend to anyone who wants to insight into the gender during the first trimester,
  • Ramzi Theory Boy Example - Image 1
    I submitted two ultrasoun scans last year for the Ramzi method and both results said boy. I did have a baby boy last August. Great work!
  • ramzi-theory-7-week-ultrasound
    I submitted my 8 week transvaginal ultrasound and the experts said I would have a boy. Genetic tests say that it's a boy! I'm very happy!
    María Hernández

Ramzi, Nub and Skull Predictions

Expert Baby Gender Prediction Test

Baby Gender Pros is entirely dedicated to providing soon-to-be moms and dads with the most accurate early gender predictions. Our staff has been perfecting early gender prediction methods for years, and the feedback from our satisfied customers has helped us polish our exclusive techniques.

Thanks to the advances in diagnostic imaging, we can now provide highly accurate gender predictions at the earliest stages of pregnancy. At only 5 weeks, our Baby Gender Pros experts can predict the gender of your baby with up to 97% accuracy by applying the Ramzi method to your ultrasound image.

At 12 weeks, we can use skull theory which is a baby gender prediction method with up to 92% accuracy or use the scientifically proven Nub theory to achieve up to 99% accuracy. In addition, all theories can be combined to provide a complete report of all the gender markers that can be seen in your ultrasounds, along with details of what they all mean.

How to know the gender of your baby fast and easy

Our service is fast and easy! Simply choose the baby gender prediction method that works best for your baby’s gestational age, submit your ultrasound, and check your email for results! Our gender experts will analyze your image, look for all gender markers, and email you a professionally designed personalized illustration of their findings. You can receive your early gender prediction within 1 hour of submitting your ultrasound image by choosing our priority service.

We know you are excited for your new baby and that you can't wait to start all the planning and shopping for your little girl or boy! Our gender prediction site is designed to strengthen the bond between you and your baby by giving you the most details about your growing child in the early weeks of this amazing journey. We are here to add joy and excitement to these long months of waiting and wondering. Congratulations, and thanks for letting us be part of your pregnancy journey!

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