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Having a baby and not sure when? Planning a pregnancy and want to know when you would be due? We got you covered! Not only do we have an easy due date calculator, but we also have a few tips about calculating your due date yourself and other valuable information.

What and When is my due date?

Your due date is the say you are supposed to give birth, ha! Like anyone knows when that is! The only thing it's based on is that it's the day you complete 40 weeks of pregnancy. This means your due date is 40 weeks after the first day of your last period.

Can it vary?

It really can! Because everyone's menstrual cycles are different, it is best to know the day you ovulated and count 38 weeks from that day. Why? Because some women have very long cycles or ovulate later in their cycle and this can throw off their due date.

Does it matter?

Well, sometimes! Thanks to modern medicine, most women and helped to go into labor before their 42nd week on pregnancy. Others are even induced or have cesarean sections at 39 weeks. This is when knowing your dates can come in handy! If you go overdue and your doctor wants to induce you, knowing the right due date with our pregnancy due date predictor can give you a few extra days to go into labor on your own!

Baby due date calculator can also help with dating scans. At their first ultrasound ( 6-8 weeks ) some women give the date of their last period but then find out their baby is smaller than what their dates suggest it should be! Why? Very likely because they ovulated late and baby started growing later than what they think. At this stage of development its amazing the difference 3-5 days can make!

We hope this helps you know more about your pregnancy and how to get the most accurate due date with our baby birth calculator!


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