Personalized Gender Prediction


Discover the sex of your baby before anyone else! From the 6th week of pregnancy our specialized staff will analyze your ultrasounds and predict the gender of your baby with success.

Results will be emailed to you in less than 24hrs.

    Ramzi, Skull and Nub theories

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    You can upload upto 3 scans

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Personalized Gender Prediction
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 124 reviews
 by Jessica

At six weeks I did the Ramzi theory and today I submitted an 11 week scan for all three theories. At six weeks it was predicted a baby girl and the same results happened again predicting a baby girl. I just had my blood drawn today hopefully in the next week it will confirm it is a girl ❤️

 by john

Good! they were right!

 by Becca
Better than Sneakpeek!!!

Baby gender predicted a Girl... clinical sneakpeek test said Boy! But 20 week ultrasound confirmed GIRL so they were more accurate then the blood work!!!

 by Rihna
They flip the scan and let them!

I submitted my scan, told them it was transvaginal and for some reason, they flipped the scan and said I was having a girl when i thought it didn't need to be flipped. But i am glad they didn't listen to me because they were right!

 by Lisa
Very surprised

Very skeptical on the results however on my scan it was confirmed im having a girl the scan person said these are usually reliable if done correctly very shocked by your accuracy

 by Ismail Jamil
Gender og baby

We want to know the baby is boy or a girl and you were right! thank you

 by Stacey

sent 6 week ultrasound and they knew the gender now 20 weeks and they were right

 by Shayla
early Ultrasound

Good and quick!

 by Danielle
Gender og baby

wanted to know the gender early and they answered in less than 1 hour and now dr told us they were correct!

 by Snipy
12 wk scan

I’ve just sent off my abdominal scans of 12 weeks for 2 theories .
I hope they are right but I receive a prediction in 10 minutes!  waiting to receive news through my email . Thanks

 by Krish
Baby Boy confirmed by NIPT Test

Hello. I want to say thank you for your prediction. It was spot on. You predicted baby boy on my 6 weeks ultrasound and that got confirmed today on NIPT blood test. Well done. Keep up the good work :)

 by Lillian
Baby gender

Im excited to know what the baby gender is !! Can't wait but results were sent very fast if you paid the priority!

 by Jennifer
Correct twice

It was correct and for my sister too

 by Sharon
Fast, but fun

They were very fast with the results. They predicted girl, but I just found out I’m having my first boy.

 by Kelsie Crocker
the Gender Pros were right!

I ended up paying for all 3 theories, just to be sure. I sent in 2 pictures from my ultrasound at 14 weeks and they predicted a baby girl! I just got confirmation at my almost 19 week scan and they were correct! We're expecting a baby girl in May. I had a feeling since I found out I was pregnant, but was dying to know. So I was extra excited. Thank you.

 by Taylor
Highly recommended!

They said it was a girl and they were correct! It is a girl!!

 by Taeler
Ramzi Theory

I am currently 11 weeks with my second child. Submitted my ultrasound pictures from my 7 week appointment. Received my results back within 2 hours. Prediction is a girl.....we will wait and see!

 by Carol
You was right!

Baby Gender Pros says girl, and you was 100% correct!!!!!!

 by Tina

I didn't know what to think bc of mixed reviews. I have 2 boys so was hoping for a girl. Your prediction said boy, I had the nipt early blood work that checks chromosomes at 10 weeks. They confirmed it's another boy!!

 by Adriana
Ramzi theory

Predicted girl and indeed i had a girl


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