Everyone Has questions! Here are our answers to the most Frequently Asked questions we receive.

How long will it take to receive my results?

Our standard turn around time is as follows:

– Sunday -Thursday: 12-24 hours

– Friday & Saturday: 24-48 hours

Our Priority delivery turn around time is as follows:

– Sunday -Thursday: 1 – 5 hours, up to 12 hrs

– Friday & Saturday: 6-12 hours, up to 24 hrs

We work as fast as possible to provide all our customers with an accurate answer within 24 to 48 hours.

If your scan is in low visibility, our correspondence times may take greater than 24 hours if we request more scans, however, your order will be priority. If you have not received your results, please check your junk mail, if our results are not that, please don’t hesitate to email us so we can make sure you receive them promptly.

I can’t upload images/ I have more images to add

You may send your scans to our email if the upload form isn’t working correctly, or if you have more images for us to look at. Email them to: i[email protected].  Please include your name and order number to avoid delays.

It has been longer than 24 – 48 hours. Why haven’t I received my results?

Because of the volume we receive, we cannot guarantee 24 hours, this is just an estimate. It may take longer depending on the amount of submissions.

1. Please make sure to check your “junk” mail inbox from your email provider. Make sure to allow emails from us to be accepted into your inbox.

2. If your name and email in the submission form were incorrect we are unable to contact you until you email us. Please email us at [email protected]
Often, email address has been typed incorrectly, or an email is not deliverable for reasons beyond our control. Again, please contact usif it has been longer than the allotted time. We may have been trying to contact you with no way of doing so.

Do you issue refunds?

Refunds are only available for our Pregnancy Boxes. Refunds will be issue if items arrive broken or missing. Simply email us the issue at [email protected] and send us back the box with all the items inside. Shipping costs will be deducted from your refund.

We do not issue refunds for incorrect results on our gender prediction service. https://babygenderpros.com/product/personalized-gender-prediction/

Our prediction services are intended as a novelty item and for entertainment purposes. Because we hope to provide you with an enjoyable experience, once you have received your results, we consider our service completed.

If you are unhappy with your results, please contact us and we will try our best to provide you with a prediction you are happy with.

Why can’t you read my scan?

Some scans are unreadable because of the quality of the picture, the way the technician took the picture, or the way the fetus is positioned. When visibility is not ideal, we prefer to wait for your next images or provide you with a full refund, rather than providing an inaccurate prediction.

What if I get conflicting results?

This occasionally can happen if one scan is a “close call” or visibility is a factor. If you send in a Ramzi and Nub scan and get conflicting results, feel free to contact us with both pictures. We will then reevaluate for free and give you the stronger prediction. This may also increase accuracy of results. Some scans are more obvious than others. Please keep in mind, this is not a medical diagnosis, and we want to emphasize that this is just for fun.

What is your accuracy rate?

In 2014, our preliminary test groups accuracy rates ranged from 83-92%. These test groups used strict criteria in terms of visibility and acceptance of scans to be included in our studies.
Our accuracy rate will vary depending on visibility and other factors that may affect our decision. Analyzing a static image is less accurate than scanning in person. However, combining a Ramzi and Nub prediction together may give you the most accurate results.

While we are confident in our methods, we do not guarantee 100% accuracy. We do not recommend using results to choose nursery colors, or make any financial or family planning decisions. This website is intended to provide a fun service for pregnant moms. If your prediction is wrong, you may or may not have gender disappointment. If this is a possibility, Baby Gender Pros predictions may not be right for you. Always keep in mind that our services are for entertainment purposes only.


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