The Skull Theory

"Such a fun, simple way to get clues of the gender!"
- Happy mama.

As many other bone structures, the male and female skulls have certain characteristics that can help gender determination at an early gestational age. Although there isn’t much research on baby skull as it relates to gender determination to back this theory, there is research on the difference in skull structure in children and adults. Using the following markers is thought to be up to 92% accurate at determining gender from 10 weeks of gestation and beyond.

When predicting gender, Baby Gender Pros uses the following guidelines:

A) The male cranial mass is more blockyand massive compared to the females, which is rounder and tapers at the top.

B) Temporal Ridge – this runs along the outer side of the upper skull creating the square shaped of the upper head. More prominent in men than women.

C) A woman’s supraorbital margin (the ridge above the eyes) is sharper, while the males is round and dull.

D) The Zygomatic bone (the cheekbone that lies under the lower eye ridge) is more pronounced on the male skull.

E) The Mandible (lower jaw) bone of a woman is rounded, while the male’s is squared.

F) Frontal bone forehead structure terminates at the brow. The male forehead is lower and more sloping.

G) Men have a deeper cranial mass.

H) The supercilary arch is large and pronounced in the man.

I) A males gonion (most posterior inferior point on angle of mandible) is more flared out and sharply angled.

J) The teeth of men tend to be larger.

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by Bec on Baby Gender Pros
! Highly recommended.

I had Ramzi’s theory done at 7 weeks and skull theory done at 12 weeks. Both came back with my fraternal twins both being girls. My 20 week scan revealed they were correct! Good price, quicker than expected results, and in my case very accurate with not 1 but 2 babies! Highly recommended.

by Carla P. on Baby Gender Pros
All theories!

You guys were right for ramzi, nub and skull for our boy! It was so fun to find out! Thank you!

by Renee on Baby Gender Pros
We’re so overjoyed!

The nub and skull theory predicted a girl. I found out I am in fact expecting a girl

by Mandy Clark on Baby Gender Pros
Welcomed an 8lb baby girl

I submitted both a transvaginal 7 weeks scan, and later, a 12 week, abdominal n/t scan. Ramzi Theory on the first said girl and skull theory on the 12 week scan said girl. We wait until birth, and on 3/6/17 we welcomed an 8lb baby girl!

by Mandy on Baby Gender Pros
the prediction of Boy was correct.

Submitted scan from skull theory, got Boy prediction hours later I got the call from the genetics blood test following… confirming the prediction of Boy was correct.