About us

About us

We are dedicated gender prediction specialist with years of experience in the field. Our team has been through specialized training focused on early gender determination.
Our customers are thrilled with our 98% accuracy rate in the scientifically proven nub theory at only 12.5 weeks of pregnancy, and our 97.5% accuracy rate in Ramzi theory at only 6 weeks of pregnancy. We are proud of our one of a kind technology system to provide the most accurate gender predictions and best customer experience.
We aim to bring joy and entertainment to all pregnant mothers looking to learn more about their growing babies and all things pregnancy, hoping to shed some light into the long weeks of waiting!


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    • Purpose: Study your candidacy for a job in this company.
    • Legitimation: Your express consent.
    • Recipients: Providers of technological services, as in charge of the treatment, who will always follow our instructions.
    • Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, among others.
    • Additional information: Privacy policy for the processing of candidate data.


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