Peekaboo Early Detection Gender DNA Test – Reviews and Alternatives

As an expert in gender prediction with a preference for ultrasound methods, I’ve noticed the rising interest in at-home gender prediction kits like the Peekaboo Early Detection Gender DNA Test.

Aimed at expectant parents and those planning gender reveal parties, this review will delve into the Peekaboo test, summarizing real-world reviews and offering insight into ultrasound as an alternative method.

Overview of Peekaboo Early Detection Gender DNA Test

The Peekaboo Early Detection Gender DNA Test is designed for expectant mothers to determine their baby’s gender from the comfort of their home. By analyzing fetal DNA in the mother’s blood, the test claims to predict gender with over 99% accuracy as early as seven weeks into pregnancy. This quick and non-invasive method is a modern solution for early gender prediction, appealing to parents eager for early insights into their baby’s gender.

Reviews of Peekaboo Test

  1. Amazon Review – No Instructions: A review mentioned that the Peekaboo at Home Baby Gender Predictor Test Kit came with no instructions, advising users to register online first and find instructions there. Amazon Review
  2. What to Expect Community Review – Fast Turnaround: A user shared that Peekaboo had an extremely fast turnaround time with 2-day shipping each way. They chose Peekaboo as it is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association and offers a money-back guarantee if the gender result is incorrect. The results also matched their NIPT results. What to Expect Community Review
  3. Amazon Review – Great and Accurate: A verified purchase review stated that the user did two tests for their first pregnancy, both indicating a girl, which was correct. They bought another test for their second pregnancy and were waiting to do it, hoping for accuracy like the first time. Amazon Review
  4. Peekaboo Official Website Review – Exciting and Satisfying: A reviewer named Crystal shared their excitement about being able to do the gender test early and finding out they are having a girl. They rated it 5 stars and were absolutely satisfied, recommending it to everyone. Peekaboo Official Website Review
  5. Reddit Review – Accuracy Questioned: A Reddit user in the BabyBumps community shared their experience with the Peekaboo test, raising questions about its accuracy. They compared it with the Sneak Peek test and solicited feedback from other users regarding the accuracy of both tests. Reddit Review
  6. What to Expect Community Review – Experience Sharing: A user in the What to Expect community shared their experience with the Peekaboo Gender DNA Test. They discussed the process and their feelings about the test, providing insight into their personal journey with this product. What to Expect Community Review
  7. Walmart Customer Review – User Feedback: On Walmart’s website, users have reviewed the Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Test, providing their personal feedback. These reviews offer a variety of perspectives on the product, reflecting different user experiences and opinions. Walmart Customer Review

Summary of Positive Reviews

Among the positive reviews, Peekaboo is praised for its fast turnaround time, with some users reporting receiving results the same day the sample was received by the company. This speed is particularly appreciated by those who have experienced slower services with other companies.

The endorsement by the American Pregnancy Association and a money-back accuracy guarantee further bolster user confidence. For instance, one user from the What to Expect community highlighted the match between Peekaboo’s results and their Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) results, adding a layer of validation to the test’s accuracy.

Summary of Negative Reviews

On the flip side, some users have expressed concerns.

A notable issue mentioned in an Amazon review was the lack of instructions with the test kit, leading to confusion and the need for online registration to access guidance. This highlights a potential gap in user experience, where clear and accessible instructions are crucial.

Additionally, while not directly a critique of the test itself, discussions on platforms like Reddit reflect skepticism about the accuracy of such at-home tests compared to more traditional methods, such as ultrasound.

Ultrasound Alternatives to Peekaboo Test

Ultrasound remains the most trusted and widely used method for gender prediction in the medical community. Unlike at-home DNA tests, ultrasound utilizes sound waves to create an image of the baby, allowing for direct observation.

How Ultrasound Predicts Gender

The gender prediction via ultrasound is based on the visual identification of genitalia. This becomes possible typically around 18-22 weeks of gestation. The accuracy of ultrasound in determining gender hinges on factors like fetal position, the clarity of the image, and the technician’s experience.

Timing and Accuracy

While ultrasound gender prediction is later than DNA tests like Peekaboo, it boasts a high accuracy rate, often over 95%. This method offers not only gender determination but also a comprehensive check on the baby’s development and health.

The Ramzi Theory

The Ramzi Theory suggests that the placement of the placenta in the early weeks of pregnancy can indicate the baby’s gender.

It proposes that if the placenta is on the right side of the uterus, the baby might be a boy, and if on the left, possibly a girl.

The Nub Theory

The Nub Theory, applicable around 12-14 weeks, is based on the angle of the genital tubercle. An angle greater than 30 degrees from the spine suggests a boy, while less than that indicates a girl.

This theory requires precise imaging and interpretation, making its reliability somewhat variable.

The Skull Theory

The Skull Theory posits that differences in skull shape between male and female fetuses can indicate gender.

Natural Methods and Old Wives’ Tales

  • Cravings: A belief that craving sweets means a girl, while sour and salty cravings indicate a boy.
  • Morning Sickness: Severe morning sickness is often said to suggest a girl is on the way.
  • Baby’s Heart Rate: A faster heartbeat is sometimes thought to mean a girl.
  • Shape of the Belly: Carrying high or low as an indicator of the baby’s gender.
  • Chinese Gender Chart: An ancient chart supposedly predicting gender based on the mother’s age and month of conception.
  • Ring Test: Dangling a ring over the belly to predict gender based on its movement.


These methods, steeped in tradition and folklore, lack scientific validity and are best treated as fun guesses.


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