Many parents want to know their baby’s gender within the first trimester, regardless of how impossible it may seem. Luckily, the internet is inundated with gender prediction methods that parents can try! However, there are so many gender prediction methods, that you can find yourself overwhelmed. So we’ve made this process a little easier by compiling a list of all the popular gender prediction methods!

  1. Baking Soda Gender Prediction Test

This Ph balance sensor test determines the gender of your baby by checking the Ph in your urine by mixing it with baking soda. If it fizzles: It’s a boy! If it doesn’t: It’s a girl!

  1. Ring Test Gender prediction

This test is only based on superstition, however it’s consistency keeps moms intrigued and come back to it with each pregnancy! Loop a thread through your wedding band and let it dangle on top of your belly, if it circles: it’s a girl! If it dangles in a straight line: It’s a boy!

  1. Cravings Gender prediction

What are you craving? Sweet or salty? Again, this theory is based on here say but if you are craving chocolate and fruits: It’s a girl! If you are craving chips and guac: it’s a boy!

  1. Beauty and morning sickness gender prediction

They say girls steal their mothers’ beauty, also that morning sickness is gender predictor. So if you find yourself happy and with that beautiful pregnancy glow: It’s a boy! If you suddenly are battling intense nausea and adult acne and dry or dull skin: It’s a girl!

  1. Chinese calendar Gender prediction

Although there is no science behind this calendar, the accuracy of the Chinese calendar gender prediction makes it our most popular old wives tale! You need to know your age and the month you conceived and the results will tell you the gender of your baby.

  1. Mayan Calendar Gender prediction

Very much like the Chinese calendar, this was just supposedly invented by another ancient empire. It doesn’t align perfectly with the Chinese calendar gender predictions but it uses the same information to come to its prediction.

  1. Heartbeat gender prediction

The sweetest sound you hear at your first ultrasound is the heartbeat of your baby! Ask your doctor how make beats per minute it is and see if you can use the heartbeat gender prediction. If it’s higher than 140bpm; it’s a girl! If it’s slower than 140bpm: it’s a boy!

Old Wives Tales gender prediction list

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