Gender Prediction Methods vs Old Wives Tales

Finding out your baby’s gender can be one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy. But it can also take forever to get to the point where your doctor can actually give you gender confirmation. That’s why so many parents enjoy using gender prediction methods and old wives tales to give them some insight into their baby’s gender! Some have a little science behind them, while others are just for some lighthearted fun. They’re fun ways to pass the time, and make the wait fun. Here are some ways to predict the gender of your baby!

Gender Prediction Methods

Ramzi Theory

This method uses your ultrasound scan at as early as 5 weeks along. In the controlled group studies, Dr. Ramzi discovered that he could determine male fetuses with 97.5% accuracy and female fetuses with 97.2%. He did this by focusing in on the location of the placenta. This can be a difficult method to do at home, as many ultrasound scans are mirrored images, and can be easily deciphered as the opposite gender. That’s why we do the analyzing for you! Click here for more information on the Ramzi theory that we offer.

Nub Theory

This is an amazing science-based theory that also uses your ultrasound scan to predict your baby’s gender. The nub theory can be done at as early as 11 weeks along. This theory is all about the angle of the genital tubercle. The male nub is usually angled upwards 30 degrees or more in relation to the spine, while the female nub is either parallel or less than 30 degree from the spine. Several studies have been conducted and have found that, in controlled settings, nub theory ranges between 98% and 100% in accuracy. That is great odds for knowing your little one’s gender before your doctor can confirm it! Click here for more information on the nub theory that we offer.

Skull Theory

This theory is yet another that uses your ultrasound scan to predict the gender. Looking  at the structural differences between male and female skulls to predict the gender. This theory can be done at as early as 10 weeks along. Using various markers, this theory can be up to 92% accurate. Click here for more information on the skull theory that we offer.

Old Wives Tales

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

This fun prediction tool takes the mom’s age at conception, and the month of conception, and gives you a gender prediction. Obviously there isn’t much rhyme or reason to this chart, but it’s definitely a fun thing to do to pass the time! You can find these charts all over the internet.

Ring Test


The ring test is another prediction tool that’s just for fun. You take off your wedding ring (or any ring you have around), and tie it to a string. Some women just use a piece of thread, while others use a strand of their own hair. After the ring is tied to the string, you dangle it over your belly and allow it to move freely. If the ring swings in circles, it’s a girl. If it swings back and forth, it’s a boy. Of course, this is just another fun test.

Common Gender Stereotypes

There are some common symptom stereotypes that accompany each gender. Here are some to look for:

  • Acne – Girl
  • Morning Sickness – Girl
  • >140 beats per minute – Girl
  • <140 beats per minute – Boy
  • Craving salty foods – Boy
  • Craving sweet foods – Girl

  • Clumsier than normal – Boy

  • Headaches – Boy

  • Carrying high – Girl

  • Carrying low – Boy

  • Sleep on left side – Boy

  • Sleep on right side – Girl

  • Moody – Girl

  • Happy – Boy

Baking Soda & Pee Test

This one may not be for everyone, as it involves working with your own pee. Pee into a cup, and add some baking soda in. Old wives tales tell us that if it fizzes, it’s a boy. If it doesn’t, it’s a girl.

Key Test

Now this is one that really seems to be just for fun, and doesn’t really have a lot of reason behind it. This is a test for dads to lead, not moms. Dad will put a key down on a surface. He’ll then ask the mom to pick up the key, without giving her any information as to why. If she picks up the key by the narrow end, it’s a girl. If she picks up the key by the rounded top, it’s a boy.

As you can see, some of these prediction methods have more of a solid foundation than others. The old wives tales are obviously just for fun, but many parents actually swear by some of those methods. Gender prediction methods, however, do have some science backing them, and can be more insightful than other at-home prediction methods. Regardless of what you choose to do, these prediction tools and methods can be some fun ways to pass the time!

We offer ramzi, nub, and skull theories on our website! We make the wait fun by providing you with an insightful gender prediction within 24 hours of ordering! Get your gender prediction today!



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