The Chinese have invented many health and lifestyle trends that are beneficial to each person individually as well as to the Chinese nation as a whole. They are in tune with nature, with astrology and even have a different calendar than the western calendar! The Chinese Gender predictor calendar uses the mothers age at conception and the month of conception to make a gender prediction.

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From what we gather, this was not invented as a pastime from pregnant mothers, but more as a tool to sway towards a desired gender when planning to conceive.

How to use Chinese Gender Predictor

When using the chart there are a couple things that might influence your accurate prediction.

1. Using your right age!
You think you know how old you are, but, are you going by your lunar age like the Chinese expected you to? Chinese culture counts their age from conception, so make sure to find out your lunar age (add 9 months) before you try the chart!

2. Using the right chart!
There are several charts that claim to be the original Chinese gender chart, however our research has show one to be more accurate than the rest.


Chinese Gender Predictor Chart

Why do we like the Chinese Gender predictor?

Although we know all the ‘at-home’ test are only supposed to be 50% accurate, the popular consensus seems to be that the Chinese gender predictor is the most accurate when put against other at-home methods! This makes the method even more fun because if you get conflicting results you can set your heart in whichever you believe to be most often correct.

What else can I use?

Chinese gender predictor seems to be the most popular chart but we also have all the details on the Mayan gender predictor calendar which uses a more mathematical approach to this astrologically-themed gender prediction method. We also have deets on baking soda test and all the old wives tales.

Receive your Personalized Gender Prediction TODAY

Want to use methods that have been studied and proved? Try our Ramzi theory, Nub theory and Skull theory gender predictions to know more about your baby today!


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