What to Expect in the First Trimester

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You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Many parents find out they’re pregnant early on in their first trimester (or even days before their first missed period), and some find out well into their first trimester. Either way, there are still many things that you can expect within the first trimester. From symptoms to planning announcements, your first trimester will be filled with new experiences.

To be completely honest, the first trimester is notorious for its symptoms. Some moms can go through the entire first trimester without a single symptom. However, many moms have a rough time enduring the symptoms the first trimester brings. But not all symptoms are bad! Some are welcomed by many, and even seen as “perks” of being pregnant. Also very interesting is the correlation these symptoms seems to have with the gender of the baby you are carrying! Interested to know more? 


There are some well-known symptoms that many people are aware of, but there are also many minor symptoms that you may not know to be prepared for. First trimester symptoms can be quite different from second and third trimester symptoms. That’s because your body has suddenly been hit with a surge of hormones, and of course, it’s acclimating to the new life growing inside your body. These changes can lead to many different symptoms, some fun, and some not-so-fun, and it seems to be that depending if you are carrying a boy or a girl the symptoms might be stronger or lesser. Here’s what you can expect.

“Morning Sickness”

This symptom is one that you’ve probably already heard of. It’s one that’s widely discussed, and can be the reason that some women test to see if they’re pregnant! What you may not know, is that morning sickness is actually a very misleading term. Morning sickness, despite its name, can hit anytime of the day. And it can come in the form of nausea or vomiting.

This first trimester symptom is brought on by the influx of hormones you experience after conception. Morning sickness is not usually a danger to you or your baby, but there are some signs to look out for. If it’s accompanied by a fever, the inability to keep any food or liquid down, or lasts past 12 weeks, you should call your doctor. Excessive vomiting and the inability to keep anything down, could be due to hyperemesis gravidarum. If you think you may have hyperemesis gravidarum, it’s important to call your doctor to discuss the possible treatments and ways to dull its intensity.

How does this correlated with the gender of your baby? Many seems to think that when you are pregnant with a boy you don’t have much morning sickness compared to when you are carrying a girl! Boy or girl? Your nausea can clue you in! This might attributed to the amount of hormones in your body at each stage of pregnancy. Did you find this to be true in your pregnancy? Let us know!


This is a symptom that may not be as well-known, but can be an annoying symptom in your first trimester. Once again, this symptom is brought on by the change in hormones. Some women experience cystic acne and excessive breakouts, which can be difficult to manage. If this happens to you, it’s important to discuss safe acne washes and treatments with your doctor. Many acne-related products include ingredients that are unsafe to use during pregnancy, so it’s important to ensure you’re staying away from those ingredients. Some doctors may vary in what’s safe and unsafe to use, so it’s best to just ask your own doctor!

Can acne tell you the gender of your baby? It seems like it might! They say that girls steal their mothers beauty! So if your skin is really breaking out you might be more likely to be pregnant with a baby girl! On the other hand mothers who are carrying a baby boy seem to have that “glow”. Boy or girl? Your acne might tell you! This, just like with nausea, seems to be related to the amount of hormonal changes that go on during pregnancy.


This is another brutal symptom that some women experience. The level of fatigue can differ between moms, but many experience an extensive amount of fatigue. If you experience this, don’t worry. This symptom won’t last your entire pregnancy. Your body is just acclimating to the new life growing inside your body, and a lot of energy goes into making a baby. Who knew!

There are some ways to battle the fatigue. You can try:

  • -Taking short naps wherever you can.
  • -Getting more sleep at night than usual.
  • -Staying hydrated.
  • -Moving throughout the day.
  • -Asking your doctor if a low intake of caffeine is recommended. (Some doctors recommend low levels of caffeine to those who need it, while some don’t. Definitely follow the advice of your own doctor.)

Peeing…A Lot

This may not affect you too heavily in the first trimester, but your potty routine will change. With your increased intake of water, your bladder will fill up fast. And with the new baby growing on top of your bladder, you’ll be needing to pee more often. Obviously, as the baby gets bigger, that’s more pressure on your bladder. So as you can imagine, third trimester bathroom trips become more frequent.


Some women experience cramping in their pregnancy, which can be completely normal. This can be due to many reasons, one of the main ones being the expansion of your uterus. While this can be normal, you should call the doctor if you’re experiencing painful cramps.

Sore Breasts

This is another pretty common symptom. This symptom usually isn’t too debilitating, and shouldn’t cause a great deal of pain. However, even though it can be annoying, it leads to a fun symptom…

Change in Breast Size

Finally! A symptom you want to hear! Yes, you will experience enlarged breasts during and after your pregnancy. This is due to your milk ducts preparing for the little one. It’s a symptom that basically all women experience, but not many complain about!

Hair Growth

Another fun symptom! With the help of your prenatal vitamins, your hair will be growing. A lot. It’s definitely a symptom many welcome with open arms! However, don’t get too attached. Many moms experience hair loss after delivery.

And those are the symptoms you can expect in your first trimester! You may not experience many of the symptoms listed, but it’s always best to be mentally prepared. If you happen to experience some brutal symptoms, don’t worry, many of these will lessen or completely disappear in your second trimester!

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