The Most Helpful Apps for New Parents

First-time parents face some daunting new trials, from sleep and feeding schedules to marking growth milestones and simple surveillance. Thankfully, our fast-paced, technological world has given us myriad ways to schedule, plan, and execute our days to reduce stress and increase productivity in all parts of life, including parenthood. As a result, there are several apps available to help parents with the many tasks and decisions involved in parenting.

You want to make sure that you always have a working device to capture priceless memories like your baby’s first words. However, sleep-deprived nights and spit-up can take a toll. Make sure to protect your device from falls and debris with a case and screen protector. This way, you can keep on recording every precious moment with your little one.

Courtesy of Baby Gender Pros, here are some handpicked apps for new parents.


Cloud Baby Monitor


This unlimited range video monitors turns your smartphone, smart TV, or smartwatch into an instant baby monitor. Watch from another room or take it with you while you are in the garage, laundry room, or answering the door. Download it to one device or several.

This allows you to see and hear everything your child does. You’re also able to talk and video with your baby, which is super handy when you have a sitter, as well as play lullabies and white noises. You can even turn the night light on.

A standout point of this app is that it has one function. You can see and interact with your baby exactly when you need to, without having to scroll through a daily tracker or some other function. The single functionality makes it easy to learn and use when you have little time and energy to spare.

Eat Sleep


You have more on your mind now than you ever imagined you could handle. Sometimes things slip through the cracks. How many wet diapers yesterday? Were naps at all the regular times? It’s easy to get off track, so it’s a tremendous help to have a simple way to log information on the go.

The Eat Sleep  app tracks feedings, sleep cycles, and diaper changes. It also shows totals and averages at day, week, and monthly intervals. You can even track multiple children, and there is a daily journal section for noting important events.

WebMD Baby

This tracking app follows your baby’s progress with feeding, sleeping, diaper changes, and growth milestones.  The kicker is it also offers a whole library of WebMD doctor-approved articles and information for new parents on how to deal with changes. It allows you to compare your child’s progress with others of the same age and take photo to document the experience. Pregnancy Magazine points out it is a free app as well, which is a plus to anyone with a newborn.



Parents with parents in mind developed this app. It opens easily and is simple to learn and use. It has all the tracking essentials new parents need, along with a trend analysis feature that helps you spot patterns and stay abreast of your child’s development.

Knowing your baby better and understanding what each milestone means is especially important to new parents still learning the ropes. Zero to Three explains when you are able to track progress and see patterns, it makes understanding your job as a parent that much easier.

Phonics Munch

As your baby grows and begins verbalizing, it’s important to cultivate and reinforce their behavior. Phonics Munch is a great app to help your baby learn letters, sounds, and words on your tablet. Tablets are a great way to keep your child occupied in a pinch.

Apps make so many of life’s problems easier to navigate, and life can be so challenging for new moms and dads. We shouldn’t be surprised that there are so many well-made apps designed to help parents. The key is finding one that does what you need it to do for your family.

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