The BEST Labor and Delivery Tips You’ll Ever Hear

After a long 9 months, you’re finally preparing for the big day — delivery day! There are so many things you need to get in order — your house, your work accommodations, and a plethora of other things. But what about you? Once you finally get your ducks in a row, and you’re ready for the baby’s arrival, there’s still one huge task left. Bringing you baby into the world! Many moms anxiously prepare for this large day, while some push it to the back of their minds, scared of the unknown that day brings. Whether you’re a first-time-mom or a veteran at this, one thing is for sure — you can never be too prepared. Delivery can be grueling, tiresome, and long. But going in as prepared as possible can lead to an amazing experience (well, as amazing as delivering a baby can realistically get). So here are some amazing labor and delivery tips you’ll be happy you received! 

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  1. Pack TOO Much

Yes, that’s right. You read that correctly. OVERPACK. You don’t know how long you’ll be in the hospital, and you also don’t know how you’ll be feeling in the midst of delivery and after. If this is your first delivery, you’ll soon realize how many things you’ll actually need. Adult diapers, numbing spray, your favorite treat, and nipple shields are some of the products you may not think to pack. But this isn’t the time to pack lightly. You want to ensure that you’ll be ready for every need you could possibly have. So if you’ve done this before, pack what you wanted but didn’t have last time. If this is your first time, do some research and see what products are recommended to have in your diaper bag. Bring a big bag and you’ll be good to go!


  1. Write up a Reasonable Birth Plan, But Be Prepared for Anything

Many mothers go into delivery without putting much thought into the kind of experience they want to have. Once the contractions hit hard, the decisions you’ll have to make become even harder. It’s difficult to focus when such a significant experience is taking place. Sometimes these decisions even require prior research, to make sure it’s what you’ll really want for you or your baby. So write up a birth plan ahead of time. Here are some items your birth plan should include:

  • What pain meds you want, if any.
  • In what circumstances you’ll allow a c-section to be done.
  • What tools you’re comfortable with the doctors using to get the baby out.
  • If you want oils/other products and tools to prevent tearing. 
  • What position you want to deliver in. 
  • Any other requirements/wishes you may have.

The second part of this is to be prepared for anything. Honestly, any time you make a plan, things will usually head toward a different direction. When it comes to delivery, our wishes aren’t always going to be carried through by our medical team. Why? Well, anything can happen during delivery. So our medical team makes sure they do whatever is safest for both mom and the baby. Sometimes that means they’ll have to act against our birth plan. So it’s important to be prepared for changes to be made to that plan. Nothing will be given, so just go in open-minded! 


  1. Yes, You May Poop. But It’s OKAY

Oh no! It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You’re laying there on the table pushing with all your might, and…ooops. Could it be? YES. When pushing, you’re exerting an extreme amount of force, and well, poop happens. So many mothers are nervous that they may poop on the table, so nervous that they stress out thinking about the possibility of it happening. However, it shouldn’t be such a stressor during your pregnancy. There isn’t much that you can do about it, and it happens all the time. Most of the time, your medical team won’t even mention that it happened. They just carry on and continue getting the baby out. So don’t stress! Prepare for the possibility of it happening, but realize that it won’t be a big deal or unique if it does. 


  1. Advocate for Yourself, Or Appoint an Advocate

Your medical team will more than likely be able to attend to every one of your needs, and address every single one of your concerns. However, you must always be prepared to advocate for yourself if you don’t feel like your needs are being met. If you Labor & Delivery unity is full, there’s a chance that the medical team is less likely to catch every single concern you may have. So be ready to speak up! If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to articulate your concerns while you’re in labor, appoint a family member to advocate for you. 


  1. Take Classes if You Want Different Breathing/Stance Methods

Some moms want to be fully prepared for the birthing process, and it makes sense! It’s definitely recommended to go into the delivery room with knowledge of the birthing methods you want to experience. There are various classes that can help prepare you for the big day, and more than likely, you won’t be disappointed that you took them! Some are online, and some are local, so be sure to search the internet for the best classes for you. 


  1. After delivery, Eat, Eat, Eat!

You may be feeling off after you deliver (go figure), but it’s important that you fuel up after such a big event. Even though eating food may not be your first priority, you need to get some food in your tummy. Why? Well, milk! Breastfeeding is your next big leap into parenting, and you’ll need a lot of nutrients and hydration to be able to produce enough milk for your new bundle of joy. So eat up, you definitely deserve it. 


  1. Ask for as Much Help as You Need

The hospital you deliver at will most likely provide you with plenty of tools and specialists to assist you as you enter parenthood. Things like breastfeeding won’t always come easy. In fact, it usually doesn’t. That’s why you really need to use the tools and help that the hospital offers new moms. 

Delivery can be an extremely exciting event if you’re as prepared as possible! Many of the preparations listed will have you fully-prepared, and ready for everything that may be thrown at you during the process. 

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