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Perhaps the most asked question we get is how accurate our predictions are. If you are new to Ramzi theory or our gender predictions theories in general, it might be easy to believe this is a 50/50 chance and nothing else, but out of the thousands of predictions we send monthly, we get so much positive feedback from our happy mamas-to-be that we just cant help share their joy with you too!

Here are a few of our favorite stories:

The Rainbow Princess

When we found out Vicki was expecting baby number 3 we were thrilled for her! Vicki is a lifestyle blogger, parenting expert and bestselling author who sent us both her first ultrasound at 6 weeks and then her 12 week ultrasound. All gender prediction theories, Ramzi, Nub and Skull came back female! And it was such a thrill when she emailed us back to tell us that, after two boys, we had been correct for her and she is expecting her first baby girl! You can read more about her experience on her own blog post here.

6 week ultrasound with ramzi theory gender prediction

The Army Baby

Samantha Commins, army wife, sent us her first trimester ultrasound to find out the gender of her baby while her husband was deployed. It was beautiful to see her baby boy sleeping next to her while she told us that we had been correct in our prediction for her and that our service had provided joy and excitement during this first pregnancy for her.



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The Girl Surprise

Perhaps one of the most fun confirmation videos we have received is that of Shana Gray, mom-of-two, influencer and blogger, who sent us her 7 week ultrasound for a gender prediction and we predicted girl! As she happily shares in her video, she was not convinced our prediction could be right because she thought it was a boy. It was not until she went to her anatomy scan and the doctors confirmed she was indeed having a baby girl that she realized our prediction had been right from the beginning.


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The Already-Cool Baby

Jeweler and influencer Jamie, along with baby daddy ColdHart, musician and singer,  sent over her 12 week ultrasounds for nub theory and received skull and Ramzi theory as well. All three theories showed female results and now their beautiful daughter is here to prove our predictions were correct.


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The Perfect Sisters

NJ based television producer Jacqueline also used our services, not once but twice! She sent us her early ultrasounds with both of her babies as well as her 12 week ultrasound for gender predictions and all her results came back girl. She is now the mother of two beautiful daughters and was so grateful that we could predict correctly for her so early in her pregnancies.


We could write on and on about the amazing mothers that come to us daily to thank us for providing this service that helps the bond with their pregnancies earlier, appease some of their early pregnancy anxiety and provide a fun outlet to start making some possible plans for the new baby to arrive. We strive to always provide the most accurate gender predictions, analyzing each ultrasound image we receive and  looking for any gender markers available to make the wait just a little more fun! You can check out out customer reviews here on our page,  or go to our instagram for more videos of our happy mamas!

And if you or a loved one is pregnant, don’t forget to send us your ultrasounds as early as 5 weeks to get your gender prediction, right to your email, today.


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