13 Pregnancy Announcements for Social Media That Are Unique to You!

Pregnancy can be filled with fun moments, huge surprises, and lots of decision-making. Some of these moments, surprises, and decisions are more fun than others, but there’s nothing more exciting than actually announcing your pregnancy! While it’s an exciting milestone in your life, it’s also a pretty big decision. Some of us have spent years dreaming of this moment, while others haven’t put much thought into it. Regardless of how much importance this moment has for you, one thing’s for sure ⸺ there’s a perfect pregnancy announcement for everyone.

Once you’ve filled your family and close friends in on the huge news, you’ll realize there’s an even bigger platform for you to announce the news on. Social media! We’ve all seen the creative pregnancy announcements that pop up on our feeds every now and then. From furry friends to over-the-top announcements, everyone has their own unique way of announcing the big news. Perhaps you’re wondering how to announce your current pregnancy, or you’re finding inspiration for how you’ll announce a pregnancy in the future. Either way, here are some amazing and unique ways to announce a pregnancy!

1. Announcement For a Realist

Photo Credit: Nataša GP/Instagram

This announcement is for a couple who wants to add humor and realism to their big reveal! It’ll definitely bring a laugh to anyone who comes across the photo.

2. Announcement for your Furry First-Born

Photo Credit: Bates the Blue Heeler/Instagram

This is an amazing announcement for parents who want their furry companion to help announce the big news. Not to mention, it’s also pretty hilarious!

3. Another Announcement for the Animal Lover

Photo Credit: Inbal Gibor/Instagram

Here’s another creative way to include a pet. However, keeping a fur baby still enough to take this photo could be a little difficult.

4. Announcement for the Theatrical Couple

Photo Credit: Ezgi Çenberci Dovan/Instagram

A movie poster is a fun and unique way for a theatrical couple to announce their news on social media! It’s creative, interesting, and perfectly captures the excitement.

5. Announcement for the Gym Buffs

Photo Credit: Jessica Sennet/Instagram

This kind of announcement is perfect for couples whose lives revolve around staying fit! They’re unique to the couple, and fun for anyone who scrolls past this on their feed!

6. Announcement for the “Excited” Older Sibling

Photo Credit: Anna/Instagram

This picture is an absolutely hilarious way for an older sibling to show their “excitement” for their little sibling.

7. Announcement for the Simplistic Couple

Photo Credit: Alyssa N. Melton/Instagram

Not a fan of the over-the-top announcements? That’s fine! Here’s a simple, yet beautiful announcement.

8. Announcement for the IVF Warrior

Photo Credit: Kim Myers/Instagram

Couples who endure IVF cycles deserve to have an announcement that shows the immense amount of love and effort that went into creating their bundle of joy. This is the perfect way to show their journey, and announce their little miracle!

9. Announcement for the Basketball Family

Photo Credit: Will Em/Instagram

This announcement is a fun and creative way for basketball fans to share that they’ve drafted a new player to their team!

10. Announcement for Twins

Photo Credit: Marie-Eve/Instagram

Expecting twins? Here’s a fun way to make people do the math. Oh, and good luck!

11. Announcement for the Rainbow Baby

Photo Credit: Kendra Coons/Instagram

Announcing a rainbow baby can bring about a whirlwind of emotions. The journey to a rainbow baby is filled with hardships and pain, so announcing the rainbow after the storm can be an extremely joyous occasion. You’ve probably seen these smoke-filled pictures used for gender reveals, but this is also a beautiful way to announce a rainbow baby!

12. Announcement for the Funny Couple

Photo Credit: Mihaela Mitza/Instagram

This is the perfect pregnancy announcement for a couple who enjoys finding humor in all aspects of life.  (And it’s also a great way for him to announce that he’s been working on his dad bod.)

13. Announcement for the Letter Board Lover

Photo Credit: Hannah Novak/Instagram

Letter boards have been extremely popular lately, so this is a fun way to include a letter boarding hobby! It’s also simply beautiful to look at.

So there you have it, 13 unique and creative ways to announce a pregnancy. Announcing a pregnancy is such an exciting moment, and it’s always better when it’s unique to who you are. Hopefully these announcements helped spark some ideas, or create some excitement for your own announcement!

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