Pregnancy Gift Box

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Perfect Pregnancy Gift box full of pregnancy must-haves and our exclusive personalized gender prediction. The best way to celebrate your and your loved one’s pregnancy.


Limited time only!! 50% OFF!!
Celebrate pregnancy with our perfect Pregnancy Gift Box! Whether you have a friend and loved one that just shared the wonderful news, or you want to treat yourself during pregnancy, we have the perfect box full of surprises for you!

What makes our boxes Extra special? Each box comes with our personalized gender prediction service! Once you order you will be emailed instructions to receive your gender prediction in less than 24 hours.

Additionally, inside your box you will find 3-4 surprise items perfect to celebrate your pregnancy and get ready for your new bundle of joy. Each box included over $60 worth of pregnancy must-haves and always FREE SHIPPING*.

This is the perfect pregnancy treat for you and your pregnant loved ones.

Example items that have been included in our boxes are:

-Pregnancy Candles

-Mama Tumblers

-Baby Swaddles

-Pregnancy frames

-Custom jewelry

-Sleep masks

-Baby Milestone markers

-Pregnancy snacks

-Pregnancy oils and creams

-Bath bombs and sponges

-Pregnancy journal

and many more!

*Free shipping within the US only. International orders will calculate shipping accordingly.

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Baby Gender Pros
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by John on Baby Gender Pros
The wife is happy

Not sure what to get your wife when she’s all crazy with be non exsistet belly, this earned my brownie points

by Paul on Baby Gender Pros
Happy sister

My sister just told us she’s pregnant and she was a ball of nerves so I gave her this, she says she loved everything in it

by Ashley on Baby Gender Pros

Got this from my husband and it was great! Happy first trimester to me!

by Jane on Baby Gender Pros
Good gift

I bought this for my sister since I can’t see her due to this pandemic, it was perfect for her

by Paola on Baby Gender Pros
So good!

Omg I got the shirt and the necklace and face roller! It was great and the gender prediction was correct!

by Lara on Baby Gender Pros
Loved it!

Such a. Cute box. Got a necklace and the milestone wooden disks and the tea! I got my gender prediction even before the box arrived! Great box!

by Karen on Baby Gender Pros
Best early present!

Perfect box for the first trimester

by Sofia on Baby Gender Pros
So much!

The prediction is already like $23 and the wooden disks are $30 on amazon as well so you definitely get much more for your money! Great box!

by Christian on Baby Gender Pros
So fast

Got my prediction in my email before the box was even shipped! So exciting it’s like getting two gifts in one

by Sarah on Baby Gender Pros
Just what I needed

I was feeling down and wanted something that helped me connect with baby! This had baby stuff, mama stuff and the gender prediction is too cool!

by Kaily on Baby Gender Pros

I loved it. So much stuff and perfect for early pregnancy!

by Layla on Baby Gender Pros
Best surprise!

Best gift for a pregnant mama! Sweet and simple and the gender prediction comes the same day you purchase!!

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